Another Layover in London

In November, I spent two days in London on my way in and two days, again, on my way out. In essence, I had another layover in London – sort of two. This time, I had a little help from local friends when I chose places to sight, eat and drink.

Just a little background info – I’m based in Montreal and I work for BA. I take this opportunity to have short layovers in London because accomodation there is expensive as fuck. Seriously, the current exchange is $1.73 Canadian for £1. It makes me want to rip my hair out and my wallet wants to cry, but I digress.

Tap all the “(here)” labels for the spots on google maps and load that Oyster card for the tube! I always pin locations on google maps and use the application offline to get around. Now and then, you’ll come across wifi and it’s quite handy.

First Layover in London

On this layover, I stayed in an airbnb in Fulham close to Parsons Green tube station.

  • Natural History Museum (here) – in November-December there is an ice rink with a giagantic Christmas tree in the center. It’s a pretty sight apart from the museum.
  • Hyde Park (here) – where you will find swan swimming, gorgeous greens with turning leaves in the fall and a Princess Diana memorial fountain.
  • Buckingham Palace (here) – where I visited in August, it’s right beside the park.
  • If you are into war museums, the Churchill War Rooms are nearby (here).
  • In my last 24 hour layover in London post, I mentioned more attractions nearby.
  • Leicester Square (here) – a pedestrianised square, once a gentrified residential area and now an entertainment quarter with restaurants and attractions.
  • St Paul’s Cathedral (here) – dates back to the late 1800s and is quite impressive.
  • Camden Market (here) – fashion, food and music selling stalls on a canal.

Second Layover in London

I stayed in an airbnb in Whitechapel, it was a very convenient location but I woudn’t recommend it for women traveling solo if you are a night crawler, like me.

  • Indo (here) – a small pub with mish-mashed decor
  • Chicken Shop Dirty Burger (here) – think rotisserie chicken that are marinated overnight and amazing burgers (skip Nandos for this instead). There’s a smaller location in Shoreditch, infront of Boxpark.
  • Boxpark Shoreditch (here) – a collection of shops, street food and an indoor/outdoor patio bar with music and picnic tables.
  • Dinerama (here) – similar to the above.
  • The Book Club (here) – a ping-pong, kind of poetry bar in Shoreditch.
  • Borough Market (here) for Bread Ahead and much more. It’s super touristy for a reason.
  • Pass the London Bridge, pass City Hall (here) and head over to Tower Bridge (here). After that, catch a glimpse of Tower of London (here).

Last December, I spent another two day layover in London on my way back to Montreal on my trip to Rome. Before even visiting, I’ve always had a slight afinity to London. What can I say, a girl likes what she likes.

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